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If paying house rent was cancelled?


Have you imagined how life would be if house rent was cancelled? How happy would you be if your LandLord gives you back your House Rent after you paid? Let’s say your house rent is N500k, imagine what can be done with such an amount of money. For a man, this amount can be added up to purchase a new Tokunbo Car or start a new business (e.g. Car Wash, Recharge Card Biz, Office supplies, etc) or even buy some blocks and cement for house construction. A woman can stock her house with food stuff for more than one year with that amount (average spend on food monthly for a family of four is about N20k), can as well change her wardrobe, start a buying and selling business (clothes, frozen foods, food stuff), business centre, etc; the summation is that just one-year house rents can do so much. Now imagine a cumulative of five – ten year house rents, then the saying that every Nigerian LandLord is a millionaire is just not a hearsay, it is absolutely true.



But all this can be solved with due diligence, great discipline and more importantly God’s grace. It’s important to know that with a paltry N100k per month, and a half-yearly payment of N500k, an individual can own a miniflat (two toilets, one sitting room, one bedroom ensuite) with all necessary facilities fully intact (tiled flooring, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.) within 18 months. Also, the individual can own a 2-bedroom (all ensuite, fully furnished) with a payment of N150k per month, and a half-yearly payment of N500k; all within 18 months. While this is a faster way of owning a first house and becoming a LandLord, landed properties are available everywhere for purchase. While I encourage buying a house for first time owners, more disciplined and ruthless people can also subscribe to Landed Properties and self-development; but most importantly, BE A LANDLORD.

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