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A sister Real estate firm is looking for an experienced hand to fulfill its real estate marketing needs. The requirements for this position is as follows:

  • Have HND/ BSc in any field
  • A minimum of 3 yrs marketing experience
  • Be Digital Savvy and with social media expertise
  • Be result-oriented and self driven
  • Be Honest and trustworthy
  • Be good in oral and written English
  • Be mature and analytical
  • Be of sound mind and use good judgement

Job specification

The ideal candidate will . . .

1. Develop and implement a winning marketing strategy for the property division
2. Network among other estate agents to accelerate property sale and rental
3. Develop and implement a winning affiliate marketing strategy
4. Develop and implement a strategic profit growth plan
5. Pioneer sales and market development seminars
6. Do other assigned tasks as may be necessary to expand the market share of the company

Experience in property marketing will be an aded advantage


Salary + commissions

Time to start work: Immediate


If interested, email CV to

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