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Will you buy the future today?

Temidayo is a happening guy with a trendy appeal, and a really jovial guy. Started working in the Oil and Gas sector in his early twenties, he had a lifestyle everyone wanted. Owning a pad in Surulere, with all the thrills of living in a neighbourhood that was bubbling with Shoprite on his left, various drinking pubs, cinemas, relaxation centres and having enjoyed the company of many friends and well-wishers, he one-day embarked on a journey that took everyone by storm, a one journey that defined his life – in December 2008. Was he crazy everyone bemoaned? Is he seeing what no one else is seeing? How would a young guy full of life take the decision to live in a place that is similar to wild life? How will he leave his friends and stay in a suburb called Simawa they bemoaned? How on earth will a human being leave the city centre and rent a house off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, an unknown simawa town.


Refusing to be let down, he relocated within a week packing all his gadgets in his Truck and settled down. His first one full month was a mess, living with hard core villagers that are over-friendly and would always want to visit him made him uncomfortable. Being a bachelor, none of his girlfriends can even think of visiting him there. All alone, he could only relate with very few elites within a walking distance. Having being used to living home for his Obalende Office by 7.30 am (while he was in surulere), he had to leave his simawa house by 5.40am to beat the 3rd Mainland traffic. The period of adjustment took its toll but he persisted, and could only console himself in his apartment, a gigantic 4-bedroom duplex with a BQ, all furnished luxuriously and fair electricity; an obvious difference from his cubicle miniflat in the heavily congested area he used to reside in Surulere.


Within 6 months of Simawa residency, he was offered two plots of land at 350k just beside his house. With money so available due to his new lease of village life (no clubs, no parties, no junk feeding), he completed his own apartment within 4 months. Within few months, he knew almost everyone within his neighbourhood and was offered about 12 hectares of land. Being the son of a farmer, he bought the 12 hectares and also several hectares (about 30 hectares) for farming, investing over 5 Million Naira in the process. Having started his catfish farm on a very small portion of the land, within the space of two years of purchasing the Land, major infrastructural development began in Simawa propelled by the new Redemption Camp Auditorium, access roads from simawa to ikorodu as well as the re-construction of Lagos-Ikorodu road. What a jackpot for Temidayo. Today he owns three different estates in Simawa worth more than N100 million, as land as appreciated to about N1.5 million per plot.  He took his chance that’s what makes the difference, we can now look back and depict if he has made a good move or not.


Today, opportunities still abound in Simawa. There are a plethora of estates selling for between N1.5 Million – N6 Million. Golden Heritage Estates, Springview Estates, Emarald Courts, King Builders Estates to mention a few. Likewise there are what I classify as Phase II estates where as low as 360k can purchase a Land, though relatively distant from the road. All I can say is that these properties are still relatively undervalued and can be sold at 2 times its value in the next 3 years. Likewise, completed apartments are available with as low as N3 Million for a Miniflat, and N6.5 Million for a 3-bedroom; these are highly recommended for first-time buyers as they all offer flexible payments. You can view a plethora of these properties at our website: for more information.

Temidayo as we have seen is a smart kid, but you can be smarter – buy the future today.

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